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Andrew Dauphinais

Audio for Video, Music, & Games

My name is Andrew Dauphinais. Welcome to my website. I am a recent graduate of the University of New Haven, as of May 2019, with a B.A. in Music and Sound Recording, along with a minor in Political Science. In June, I moved from Connecticut to Chicago, Illinois.

My focuses are on sound design, scoring, and mixing audio for visuals. My goal is to find a career in audio post-production or audio for video games

All of my editing and mixing is done in Pro Tools, but I utilize a broad set of tools for sound design. I am well-versed in Reaktor by Native Instruments, and competent with Pure Data and Kyma by Symbolic Sound. Often, I will also work in Ableton when designing sounds or scoring.

Video game audio is a newer venture for me. I have primarily been working in Unity 3D, but have entered the world of Wwise, recently completing the 101 Certification. While my portfolio in video game audio is much smaller than that of my post-production portfolio, I am working to gain a solid understanding of video game audio tools and middleware. My intention is to utilize my prior knowledge of sound design and musical scoring to aid future projects.

When it comes to scoring, I have been studying music theory, piano, and composition since middle school. I composed my first large-ensemble piece in 8th grade and have continued to improve, since. I currently work as a music theory tutor at the University of New Haven. My primary instrument is piano but I can also play guitar and trumpet, amongst others.

I encourage you to check out my portfolio, where you will find a variety of examples of my audio post-production work, music, and video game audio. On this website, I have also included my resume as well as a link to my LinkedIn.

Thank you for visiting my website. I can be reached at